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One of the haploid asexual spores of the red algae formed in groups of four.



an asexual spore characteristic of red algae and some brown algae (Dictyotales). Tetraspores are formed in groups of four in a tetrasporangium as a result of the meiosis of the nucleus. They arrange themselves in the shape of a tetrahedron or sometimes in the shape of a square or in a single line. Tetraspores lack organs of locomotion. After the spores settle, the thin sheath that encases them thickens and the spores germinate.

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Spore survival and attachment success will influence the number of tetraspores germinating and ranges from 0% to 85% (Buschmann et al.
Carpospores (either sexual or apomictic) mature in September and release thereafter through November, and tetraspores release from December through March (Burns and Mathieson 1972, S.
Tetraspores (meiospores) of the hosts Polyneura latissima, Phycodrys setchellii, and Anisocladella pacifica were isolated, and the resultant gametophytes were grown until gametes were differentiated.
Specimens were further confirmed by the presence of zonate tetraspores embedded in surface patches within the thalli.