textured paint

plastic paint, texture-finished paint, textured paint

A heavy-bodied, thixotropic paint which can be worked after application, by stippling or by paint rollers having a textured pattern, to produce various textured or pattern surfaces.
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It's an architectural beauty that carries contemporary touches in a great combination of textured paint and marbles, with high-end wooden finishes around the mosque.
There are other paints available but I like the textured paint as it makes the terracotta look like stone.
A revolutionary textured paint series that allows one to add texture to the walls, Nippon Paint Momento comes in two lines-the Textured Paint Series, a premium line of opaque paint featuring Elegant, Sparkle Pearl, Sparkle Silver and Sparkle Gold special effects; as well as the Enhancer Series, a semitransparent glaze-over featuring Frost and Cloud special effects.
The textured paint, not used by any other carmaker, has a granular feel and striking finish aimed at highlighting the lines of the car and contrasts with the Whisper Purple colour of the roof and door mirrors.
The walls of what used to be the dairy section are now slathered in milky, textured paint. Bottles of spirits sit on a shelf masked with metal mesh, reminiscent of a shopping cart.
Bianca White, Nera Black metallic or the Ice Silver textured paint come with the Lime Yellow exterior pack.
The company, which has been operating in the region since 1976, manufactures various paints and paint related products such as internal and external paints, specialized and textured paint finishes, roof paints, floor paints and wood varnishes.
You can even now specify textured paint in colours like Ice Grey and Ice Silver for a more masculine appeal.
This is a textured paint and creates a natural stone effect.
the contrast between warm and cool colors, textured paint and the vivid collage made the still life pop right off the paper.
Printmaker Sarah Hopkins has explored Swansea as the 'Ugly, Lovely Town' for this exhibition, and Neath-born Robert Harrison has portrayed the imaginary town of Llareggub from Thomas' play for voices 'Under Milk Wood', using his familiar technique of textured paint layers and semi-abstract design.