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A plant body that is not differentiated into special tissue systems or organs and may vary from a single cell to a complex, branching multicellular structure.
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the body of lower plants (algae, fungi, myxomycetes, lichens). A thallus is not differentiated into stem and leaves. Thalli are characteristic of thallophytes.

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Factors determining lobe growth in foliose lichen thalli. New Phytologist, 124(4), 675679.
These inclusions appear in many cases to be dead thalli, sporangia, and/or endospores.
Also notable was the observed lack of lichen cover on many tree boles, and the occurrence of many dead or unhealthy lichen thalli on the boles of some mature ridgetop hardwood trees.
It could be concluded that the adhesion ability of hypha was greater than thalli and Young's modulus of hypha was less than thalli.
This pattern suggests that, after two children, the desire to have a small family is that they had at least a son; 17% of study subjects limited the family after two girls to benefit from Bangaru Thalli Scheme.
A few studies have compared the data concerning element accumulation in lichen thalli with the IAP (reviewed in GARTY, 2001; MCCARTHY & al., 2009).
The complex of identified biotope thalli of a certain species was attributed to one cenopopulation.
Thin crusts are characterized by thalli with a thickness <500 [micro]m, rapid growth rates, high reproductive output, and high rates of substrate colonization.
The studies in which the primary production of aquatic macrophytes has been directly quantified have usually involved detached pieces of algal thalli or individuals.
Even perennial thalli of the common Phycodrys rubens and Odonthalia dentata are almost a chocolate reddish color except for the annual terminal growth segments.