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A plant body that is not differentiated into special tissue systems or organs and may vary from a single cell to a complex, branching multicellular structure.
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the body of lower plants (algae, fungi, myxomycetes, lichens). A thallus is not differentiated into stem and leaves. Thalli are characteristic of thallophytes.

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There are no equivalent tropical data that I know of, but Cao, Zhang, Zheng, Liu, and Zhou (2015) reported similar results in Antarctic lichens: species with a tufted thallus were better protected from external conditions than those with low lying thalli.
Caption: Figures 12-19.--Appearance of trees with noticeable lack of liehen cover (12 18) and typical appcarance of damaged thallus of foliose lichen (19).
Finally, extraction yields were calculated as the percentage of air-dried weight lichens/weight of the original thallus sample.
The result showed that the adhesion ability of normal hypha was 9.82 [+ or -] 0.39 nN, and the thallus was 7.35 [+ or -] 0.77 nN, the adhesion ability of hypha was greater than thallus (p < 0.05).
Thallus greyish green in nature, becoming buff in herbarium, lobate, more or less adnate, at some points with rhizines strongly attach to the rock, saxicolous, about 10 cm broad.
Combined with characteristics of colony and thallus, [Q.sub.10]-[M.sub.62] was identified as Cyberlindnera jadinii, which was different from geotrichum candidum in white wine by (Zhou, Wang, Li, Hu, Hu & Wang, 2013).
The main characteristics that distinguish members of the order Trentepohliales from other green chlorophycean algae are as follows: differentiated reproductive cells; the presence of [beta]-carotene and haematochrome (i.e., astaxanthin), which color the algal thallus yellow, orange, or red; the absence of a pyrenoid in the chloroplasts; unique flagellar apparatus; and transverse cell walls with plasmodesmata.
(10.) EMEA (2014) Assessment Report on Cetraria islandica (L.) acharius s.l., thallus. Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use
Instead, they sport a stemlike thallus with tiny grappling hooks on the bottom called rhizines.
The Metzgeriales species are usually "thalloid plants"; the thallus has a thick and flattened central midrib and thinner lateral wings undivided or more or less dissected into lobes.