thatched hut

palma cottage

A primitive one-room dwelling having a steeply-pitched gable roof which is thatched with overlapping palmetto fronds attached to a wood framework; provides a relatively watertight roof and walls. Temporary dwellings like these were constructed by early Spanish colonists in Florida.
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From a lofty perch Tarzan viewed the village of thatched huts across the intervening plantation.
The first few villages he came to were deserted, showing that news of the coming of his pack had travelled rapidly; but toward evening he came upon a distant cluster of thatched huts surrounded by a rude palisade, within which were a couple of hundred natives.
There was a rude rectangle walled with logs and boulders, in which were a hundred or more thatched huts of similar con-struction.
For three days we continued upon our way, until we arrived outside a village of thatched huts just at dusk.
The ape-man traveled swiftly through the forest, and about noon came to the site of the village, but to his disappointment found that the jungle had overgrown the plantain fields and that the thatched huts had fallen in decay.
Straggling upon the outskirts were the thatched huts of natives, picturesque in their primeval savagery, harmonizing with the background of tropical jungle and accentuating the squalid hideousness of the white man's pioneer architecture.
Late in the afternoon the band came upon a small palisaded village of thatched huts set in a clearing in the jungle close beside a placid river.
They had a piece of land where they made a thatched hut.
Syed Noor and family lives in a small thatched hut next to Ahmed Hussain, a local.
The back bar, made of mahogany, sits beneath a thatched hut roof and houses oodles of rum.
When you picture an off-the-grid home, many would envision a thatched hut or cabin made of sod.
We see Tao Yuanming (365-427) leaving his government post, and tossing his official girdle onto a tree branch as he heads for his thatched hut in the mountains.