the Establishment

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Establishment, the

the institutions, and the holders of élite positions within them, popularly regarded as constituting the culturally and politically dominant sector of society, especially members of traditionally dominant groups. Used particularly in the 1950s and 60s, it is now a term in general use, without any precise sociological meaning. Generally, it is seen as including the monarchy and the peerage, members of government and top civil servants, the Conservative Party as a whole, leading London-based members of top professions, old boys of leading public schools and Oxford and Cambridge, and so on. Sometimes leading Labour politicians, trade-union leaders, press barons, etc, are also included. Compare UPPER CLASS.
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Mohammad Ajmal (BS-20), secretary elementary and secondary education department, has been transferred and posted secretary inter-provincial coordination (IPC) department, while secretary IPC Adil Siddiq (BS-19) has been directed to report to the establishment department.
These dreamers had as it turns out underestimated the powers of the Establishment and the other Establishment.
In quick succession Sharif got rid of Laghari, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Gen Jehangir Karamat but perished while trying to pull a fast one on Pervez Musharraf, who promptly put him behind bars.The post 1999 period saw both Sharif and Benazir in exile and the two resolved, in the so-called Charter of Democracy, never to assist the establishment against each otherSince this was a time of martial law, it didn't help Benazir return to power.
When the opposition to the establishment rests on political or cultural analyses, it often includes in its bill of particulars an opposition to science itself as an oppressive force, dehumanizing people in a search for mechanistic laws and enslaving them to industrial enterprise.
He added that the decision to close these establishments came also as per Resolution No 69 of 2010 on the amendment of the commercial establishments' violations table in the emirate of Abu Dhabi which is attached to Law No 2 on the establishment of ADDED.
Before implementation of E-filing, a modern network infrastructure was setup and latest IT equipment was procured through transparent open competitive bidding process in line with Public Procurement Rules, 2004 and relevant Regulations made thereunder, which replaced outdated networking and IT equipment in the Establishment Division and MS Wing, Shaheed-i-Millat
Why has the establishment allowed itself to be trapped in serial failure?
The difference is the establishment wants to use the levers of power to practically pass reforms.
NNA - Establishment of the Water of Beirut and Mount Lebanon urged citizens to notify it about any water tank plate number and the name of the driver-- if possible-- who claims that the water that he transports is from the establishment. "Some media mentioned that certain water tank owners claim that the source of water which they transport is the Establishment.
PNN Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) announced the preliminary results of the Establishment census represent all establishments in the Palestinian Territory which have been enumerated during the period 03/09/2012- 24/10/2012, the number of establishments in the Palestinian Territory were 150,361 including 101,816 establishments in the West Bank and 48,545 establishments in Gaza Strip.
It said that preliminary results of the establishment census represent in the Palestinian Territory in September and October showed that the overall number of establishments was 150,361 including 101,816 establishments in the West Bank and 48,545 establishments in Gaza Strip.
Islamabad, February 20, 2012 (Frontier Star): The PML-N has decided to part ways with the establishment in view of preparedness of general elections.