the Ozarks

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Ozarks, the,


Ozark Plateau,

upland region, actually a dissected plateau, c.50,000 sq mi (129,500 sq km), chiefly in S Mo. and N Ark., but partly in Oklahoma and Kansas, between the Arkansas and Missouri rivers. The Ozarks, which rise from the surrounding plains, are locally referred to as mountains. Composed of igneous rock overlain by limestone and dolomite, the ancient land form has been worn down by erosion. Summits (knobs) are found wherever there is a resistant rock outcrop; the Boston Mts. are the highest and most rugged section, with several peaks more than 2,000 ft (610 m) high. The Ozarks are rich in lead and zinc, and fruit-growing areas are prevalent. Subsistence farming and household crafts are found in the more isolated regions. The Ozarks have several large lakes that were created by dams across the White and Black rivers; the dams generate electricity. The scenic Ozarks, with forests, streams, and mineral springs, are a popular tourist region, and the construction of summer homes there has grown.
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Bank of the Ozarks has increased its quarterly cash dividend in each of the last thirty-two quarters.
"It's a big announcement," Bank of the Ozarks Market President Eddie Melton said.
To understand the value a true lakefront specialist can provide to you as a Lake of the Ozarks buyer or seller, contact Annie at or at (573) 216-4350.
Upon the closing of the transaction, CSB will merge into OZRK and Community and Southern Bank will merge into OZRK's wholly-owned bank subsidiary, Bank of the Ozarks. Completion of the transaction is subject to certain closing conditions, including customary regulatory and shareholder approvals.
During the 'Old Frontier' settlement phase, Native American groups (Cherokee, Choctaw, Delaware and Shawnee primarily) and Euro-American frontier families from the Upper South Hill Country relocated from the eastern US to the Ozarks (Blevins 2002, Blansett 2010).
A plague of red oak borers has taken a great toll on the Ozarks, although most knowledgeable observers now believe that the infestation is finally playing out.
Bank of the Ozarks Inc (NASDAQ: OZRK) has agreed to acquire Brunswick, Georgia-based Oglethorpe Bank, after it was closed by the state's department of banking and finance and put it in receivership of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
A grant awarded to the Greene County Sheriff's Department, Springfield Police Department, Greene County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and Community Partnership of the Ozarks paid for overtime money for detectives to participate.
The demand for land in the Ozarks has been on the rise, as the population over the last ten years has grown at twice the national average.
We were chatting as I steered my rented full-size toward Branson, a strip of highway in the middle of the Ozarks where 37--count `em, 37--Vegas-style showroom theaters light up every morning, noon, and night to entertain tourists who come from, literally, God only knows where.
The best times to enjoy the Ozarks are in spring when the redbuds and dogwoods bloom, fall when the leaves change, or on summer weekdays.