the Sound

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Sound, the:

see ØresundØresund
or the Sound,
Swed. Öresund, c.45 mi (70 km) long, strait between the Danish island of Sjælland and Sweden, connecting the Kattegat with the Baltic Sea, to which it is the deepest channel. Between Helsingborg and Helsingør it is only 2.
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, Denmark and Sweden.
References in classic literature ?
Those persons who were walking outside the town, where the houses were farther apart, with gardens or little fields between them, could see the evening sky still better, and heard the sound of the bell much more distinctly.
From then until possibly midnight all was silence, the silence of the dead; then, suddenly, the awful moan of the morning broke upon my startled ears, and there came again from the black shadows the sound of a moving thing, and a faint rustling as of dead leaves.
From which vain speculations, Bassett turned idly to review all that had occurred since that day on the beach of Ringmanu when he first heard the sound and plunged into the jungle after it.
I am not sure that I ever heard the sound of cock-crowing from my clearing, and I thought that it might be worth the while to keep a cockerel for his music merely, as a singing bird.
It even prevailed over the miserable travesty of the song of David which the singer had selected from a volume of similar effusions, and caused the sense to be forgotten in the insinuating harmony of the sounds.
Then, after a while, came four more, panting with their running, and two of these four were Will Scathelock and Midge, the Miller; for all of these had heard the sound of Robin Hood's horn.
Little by little, the sound came nearer and nearer to my bed--and then suddenly stopped just as I fancied it was close by me.
No window or barrier could shut out the sound, till the ears of any listener became dulled by the ceaseless murmur.
Mister Haggin" was the sound Jerry had always heard uttered by Bob, the clerk, and by Derby, the foreman on the plantation, when they addressed his master.
Then the sound of a stair creaking behind diverted his attention.
If he invented sounds for it, his fellows did not understand the sounds.
But now the sounds inside had ceased, and a thin circle of bright metal showed between the top and the body of the cylinder.