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A key initial OGC specification, the Web Map Server (WMS) 1.0 specification, was adopted in 2000 (OGC, 2004), and activities related to the Web Mapping Testbed led to a subsequent explosion in the development of WMS services (Doyle, 2000).
The araneoids snare prey by embellishing their webs with droplets of glue, as in the web found in amber.
"We are using the Mediasite box to stream over the web," says Alex Nason, assistant director of Johns Hopkins Interactive.
The software runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000 Server SP4, and Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition and leverages their built-in security to provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of data transferred between FileMaker Server 8 Advanced and the web. FileMaker Server 8 Advanced web publishing supports Apache web server on Mac OS X and IIS web server on Windows.
* For information about the science of blindness, visit the Web site of the American Foundation for the Blind:
"A family member of one of our residents was doing research on the Web and made a comment early on that we weren't easy to find," she said.
An archaeologist by trade and a skilled cartographer, Dalla Bona's early work was heavily geared towards computers and geographic information systems doing landscape and predictive modelling during the early days of the Web in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The Web, video games, Tivo, iPods and "wireless devices" (once called cell phones) all offer new and powerful ways to communicate, while rewriting many of the fundamental principles of marketing.
"Managing Web records properly is essential to effective Web site operations, especially the mitigation of the risks an agency, faces by using the Web to carry out agency business," NARA noted in the guidance.
Current, pioneering programs for the Web and computers signal future directions for online training.
Although a major advance, Adobe Acrobat files offer a partial, but not a complete, solution to distributing formatted documents on the web. Acrobat files must be downloaded before printing or reading.
There is little doubt that the use of the Web in pedagogy is becoming as ubiquitous as other teaching tools such as books and whiteboards.