theater seating

auditorium seating

Manufactured row chairs for stepped, level, or inclined floors in rooms or areas occupied by an audience.
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Professional lights, sound system, and theater seating await you.
We will be commencing with the installation of the flooring, new precast ceiling details, and theater seating within the following months while we are waiting for our lighting, theater, and air conditioning equipment to arrive on site,' Lico said.
improve sight lines from back of theater seating, improvements to climate control, construction of 6 VIP box seating areas, acoustical treatments, tour bus staging area, mechanical
As patrons of the old theater know full well, the only thermostat for the theater seating system was in the lobby.
The plan announced Tuesday would add theater seating and expand the lobby and plaza.
they were trying to outfit their home theater and were floored by the price of theater seating.
Another first in furniture: Ultimate Electronics is offering immediate delivery of select Encore Home Entertainment home theater seating, which it's storing in warehouses.
Twelve meeting rooms are available, including the 12,000 square foot Grand Ballroom and the 10,350 square foot Junior Ballroom with show theater seating.
The 77,000-square-foot structure will be the country's largest facility devoted to dance and will house twelve dance studios, a 5,000-square-foot theater seating 295, and administrative offices.
Back then, the movie theater seating cap in the Village (excluding the Avco, Pacific's Crest and United Artists theaters south of Wilshire Boulevard) was fixed at 6,030.

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