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The country code for Trinidad and Tobago.
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The trade name of Teletype Corporation, which refers to a variety of teleprinters used for communications. The Teletype was one of the first communications terminals in the U.S.

The Teletype Machine
For years, the clicking and clanging of Teletype machines were familiar sounds in the "wire rooms" of many companies. (Image courtesy of Honeywell, Inc.).


A mobile app that is used to take and share short videos. TikTok has become a showplace for people to exhibit something silly or their "amazing talent," but in a hurry, because the video lasts only from three to 15 seconds. It can however repeat for up to one minute, and background music can be edited. Extremely popular, TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps in the 2010s. Created by Chinese developer ByteDance Ltd., the Chinese version named Douyin was launched in its native country in 2016. A year later, TikTok was introduced internationally. See Zynn.

TikTok Clips
Generally a lot of singing and dancing, TikTok users perform many pranks and antics, as well as show unpretentious events such as trimming hair. TikTok learns user's preferences and strives to deliver clips they will enjoy.


A scalable font technology that renders fonts for both the printer and the screen. Originally developed by Apple as a competitor to PostScript, the technology was licensed by Microsoft for Windows. Included with the operating system starting with Mac OS 7 in 1991 and Windows 3.1 in 1992, TrueType fonts have been widely used in all successive versions.

The Font Contains the Rules
Unlike PostScript and other font technologies, in which the rendering algorithms are maintained in the rasterizing engine, each TrueType font contains its own algorithms for converting the outline into bitmaps. The lower-level language embedded within the TrueType font allows unlimited flexibility in the design. See TTF file, OpenType and TrueImage.

truth table

A chart of a logical operation's inputs and outputs. The following example is a Boolean NAND truth table.

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