thermal barrier

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thermal barrier

[′thər·məl ′bar·ē·ər]
(aerospace engineering)
A limit to the speed of airplanes and rockets in the atmosphere imposed by heat from friction between the aircraft and the air, which weakens and eventually melts the surface of the aircraft. Also known as heat barrier.
(building construction)
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Thermal barrier

An element of low heat conductivity placed on an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of heat between highly conductive materials; used in metal window or curtain wall designs in cold climates.
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thermal break, thermal barrier

An element of low heat conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of heat between highly conductive materials; used in some metal window or curtain wall designs intended for installation in cold climates.
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thermal barrier

One of the limits to the speed at which an aircraft can fly. Exceeding the limiting speed can result in damage to the structure. A thermal barrier is normally related to aircraft flying at low levels at very high indicated air speeds.
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The Technical Papers Division of Lydall, Rochester, NH, has maintained its strength in the thermal barrier and filtration markets.
In the automotive thermal barrier business, Lydall is doing well on the extreme ends of the spectrum--very cold and very hot applications.
A thermal barrier coating is applied to the surface of the noise reduction pavement and is compatible in suppressing noise of the road surface.
The thermal barrier effect at position B is not significant due to the fact that the platform is far away from internal cooling passages.
Among the projects, the University of Colorado, Boulder, is producing a flexible, transparent thermal barrier using low-cost cellulose nanorods synthesized from food industry waste.
In the present study, the combined effects of injection timing variation and thermal barrier coating with 20% and 40% blends of sunflower biodiesel are presented.
The insulation system is unique among existing polymers in its ability to provide an effective thermal barrier between flowlines and seawater.
In this paper, room-temperature bending/ torsion fatigue fractures in nitrided steel and in nickel-based superalloy with aluminide diffusion and thermal barrier high-temperature coatings, reported on earlier in [6-9], are discussed based on additional microscopic observations of fracture surfaces and 3D topographical data of selected surface regions.
I might suggest that you write another article about the new revolutionizing hot and cold material being used in jets (carbon fibers, printing metal powders, and ceramic matrix composites), new manufacturing techniques (3-D printing, etc.), new cooling methods and thermal barrier coatings, and new thermo and aerodynamic computer programs, all of which have made rapid gains in gas turbine and combined-cycle output and efficiency possible during the past 10 years or so.
Tim Lockhart, Marketing Manager of Flame Control Coatings stated "60-60A was formulated to be the easiest to use thermal barrier coating on the market.
After an overview and chapters on turbine cooling design and turbomachinery clearance control, coverage includes internal cooling, film cooling, endwall aerodynamics and heat transfer, trailing-edge cooling, blade tip aerodynamics and heat transfer, nickel-based superalloys, thermal barrier coatings, nondestructive evaluation, and erosion, deposition, and their effect on performance.