thermal capacity

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thermal capacity:

see heat capacityheat capacity
or thermal capacity,
ratio of the change in heat energy of a unit mass of a substance to the change in temperature of the substance; like its melting point or boiling point, the heat capacity is a characteristic of a substance.
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thermal capacity

[′thər·məl kə′pas·əd·ē]

heat capacity, thermal capacity

The amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of a given mass by 1 degree; numerically equal to the mass multiplied by the specific heat.
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But the energy ministry said PdV's gas deliveries to Corpoelec have not increased as expected because the utility has been unable to overcome operational and infrastructure problems that hamper its ability to bring on more thermal capacity.
A major factor contributing to the poor safety record of HGVs is the limited ability of their brakes to remove heat at asufficient rate to avoid brake fade, a condition where the thermal capacity of the brake has been exceeded and the brakeoperates at reduced effectiveness or failure.
In order to optimize its thermal capacity, the Employer would also benefit from the savings generated by combined heat and power units (CHP).
The installed electrical capacity of the Abakan thermal power plant is 406 megawatts, the thermal capacity is 700 gigacalories per hour.
Electricity import was chosen over additional generation by certain TPPs due to the flexibility of import, technical constraints, the insignificant difference in prices, and the necessity to have some thermal capacity reserved for system security.
Four-compound rubber results in more uniform composition, higher wear resistance and higher thermal capacity.
ON reported its biggest-ever annual loss in early 2016 after it was forced to accept impairments on thermal capacity (mostly gas) of EUR8.