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Adding 0.5-2.0% beryllium to copper forms an alloy that is exceptionally strong and hard, an excellent electrical and thermal conductor, nonmagnetic, and resistant to corrosion and fatigue.
In fact, if the object is a poor thermal conductor, the surface temperature may approach the air temperature and a substantial part of the object's mass may become significantly overheated even though the core temperature has yet to reach the setpoint temperature.
And it can yield nonoptical data, like measurements of how good a thermal conductor the material is, which may help in identifying unknown substances.
FlexiDry acts as the perfect complement for underfloor heating by serving as a thermal conductor, reducing energy losses and bringing down the energy required for the heating system.
* Flatness of Device and Heat Sink at the Interface Between Them -- Air, which is not a good thermal conductor, will be present at any point where the materials do not touch.
FlexiDry fast drying floor screed is 20 to 30% more efficient as a thermal conductor than an anhydrite screed.
With the air-line interface, heat is not conducted in the transverse direction from the inner conductor to the body because there is no dielectric and air is a poor thermal conductor. Since there is no dielectric, the high temperature is not dangerous for the air line.
Martin and Mao formed foams by sintering high-melt-flow-index polymers mixed with a thermal conductor. For example, high-melt-flow particles coated with a thermally conductive material can be sintered to form foams.
Because liquid is a better thermal conductor than air, liquid cooling increases thermal performance in electronic systems.
Epitaxial Si is used for active devices, as well as a thermal conductor of heat.