thermal printer

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thermal printer

[′thər·məl ′print·ər]
(graphic arts)
A nonimpact printer in which characters are formed by heating selected elements of a 5 × 7 or 7 × 9 dot matrix that is in contact with heat-sensitive paper.
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direct thermal printer

A low- to medium-resolution printer that uses a type of coated paper that darkens when heat is applied to it. The paper is passed by a line of heating elements that burn dots onto the paper. This is typically used in barcode printers and other small specialty printers. It was widely used in early fax machines. See thermal wax transfer printer and printer.

Direct Thermal Printer
This earlier printer from Datamax was designed to print barcode labels and other point-of-sale tickets and tags. The unit handled media up to 4.6x12" and thermal wax transfer capability could be field installable. (Image courtesy of Datamax.)

thermal wax transfer printer

A printer that uses the same printing mechanism as a dye sublimation printer, but rather than laying down a transparent die, it melts dots of wax-based ink that adhere to almost any kind of stock, from ordinary paper to complex synthetics and film.

Thermal transfer printers produce shades of colors by placing color dots side-by-side (see dithering). Printing faster than dye sublimation, consumables (ribbon and paper) are also less expensive, but do not produce photorealistic quality.

Dual-Mode Printers
Some printers allow swapping of both thermal wax and dye sublimation ribbons so that the wax can be used for draft quality and the dye for final output. See dye sublimation printer for more details on the printing process. See direct thermal printer and printer.

Thermal Transfer Printing
Monochrome ribbons contain a black ink panel the same size as each page being printed, while color ribbons contain panels for each color. When the paper and ribbon are passed by the printhead, the ribbon is heated, and dots of ink are transferred to the paper.

Barcode Printing
Wax-based ink will adhere to almost any kind of media, making it suitable for barcode and other kinds of labels. This monochrome Printronix printer makes labels on demand or turns out large batches when required. (Image courtesy of Printronix, Inc.)

Dual-Mode Printer
FARGO came out with this dual-mode printer in the mid-1990s. Using a thermal wax ribbon for draft quality and dye sublimation ribbon for final output, the printer supported media up to 12x20". (Image courtesy of FARGO Electronics, Inc.)
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