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Bianco stressed that "they are houses of great constructive quality that have an important comfort with double walls, isopanel ceilings, blinds in the bedrooms, high-performance wood-burning heaters with high thermal value and energy efficiency".
Made from steel insulated lath profile in powder finish they have lath profiles of 100mm with a thermal value of minimum 0.69w/m.sq.k and 18db standard across the lath with increasing performance options available.
"Research indicates that; rigid concrete pavements dramatically reduce fuel consumption which in turn reduces GHG emissions, provides thermal value when used in buildings regarding heat and cooling requirements reducing energy consumption and additional GHG production.
The envelope of the house is sunk in to the contours of the site with a brick ground floor construction and a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) construction to the first and second floors, which helps to provide superior thermal value. Because of the abundance of timber that was available, the owners also installed wood-burning stoves to provide heat and hot water.
It allows for thinner precast sections and can reduce enclosure system weight up to 50 percent compared to conventional precast alternatives, while offering continuous insulation, improved thermal value, full composite action and long-term durability.
The thermal value of gas and its products is also estimated at $750 billion.
According to IPM, the facility runs by mechanically segregating waste and selecting garbage with high thermal value.
The volatile matter will evaporate as well and reduce the thermal value by at least 10 per cent.
When it comes to considering overall cost effectiveness the thermal insulation value of the door is often taken as an indicator of its performance, however the thermal value of individual panels is often quoted, not the value of the completed door.
Mylar space blankets multiply the thermal value of even cheap blankets and sleeping bags.
The (new) windows and doors meet the `stretch' energy codes so they will have as much thermal value as the current technology can provide."
Cellular polycarbonate panels with a thermal value of approximated R-4 are shaded by deep overhangs and provide ambient light at clerestories.