thermal window

insulating glass

Two sheets of glass that are assembled and sealed around their edges as a single unit; the space between the glass sheets is dehydrated or filled with a gas. Such a unit is effective in reducing the transfer of heat through it.
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In addition to selling windows, American Thermal Window and Sahara Window and Doors offer 58 door styles with 36 standard paint and stain combinations and more than 200 custom glass options.
Results of Petroleum System (PSM) indicated that shales of the Sembar Formation are in the thermal window for gas and oil generation with an average maturity of vitrinite reflectance (Ro) of 1.9 %.
A thermal window was built with CTMax and CTmin values at each AT using a modified version of the method of Bennet & Beitinger (1997).
I'm in the process of making thermal blankets for the many ceiling-to-floor windows in my house--again, using your instructions ("Homemade Thermal Window Shades," November/December 1983).
US Patent 8,904,887 (December 9, 2014), "Radio Frequency Transparent Thermal Window," Michael A.
Specifically, the researchers hypothesized that yawning should only occur within an optimal range of temperatures, i.e., a thermal window. To test this, Jorg Massen and Kim Dusch of the University of Vienna measured contagious yawning frequencies of pedestrians outdoors in Vienna, Austria, during both the winter and summer months, and then compared these results to an identical study conducted earlier in arid climate of Arizona, USA.
"Animals have a thermal window, or high and low temperatures between which they are at their best for aerobic activities.
Brian Toleno, global director of technical services, the blends were devised specifically to provide increased activity over a larger thermal window. He explains that "the increased activity over a wider profile range permits assemblers to push SnPb's traditional top-end temperature and time above liquidus limitations, thereby extending the conventional process of solder joint formation to accommodate the differences in the alloys."
A low rise thermal window walling system, STW 200 is suited for a variety of new build and refurbishment sectors including commercial, education, leisure, retail and residential.
The oven includes a solid stainless steel door with a double-pane thermal window. The controlled velocity of convected air helps prevent product damage from high-velocity air movement.
How much do the latest high-tech features add to the cost of a basic wood thermal window?
They improve a home's indoor air quality and save the owner money in the long-run, said Iver Johnson Sr., owner of American Thermal Window of Chicago and Sahara Window and Doors of Mount Prospect.