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Thermistors have a temperature sensitivity of 1/10[degrees]C ([+ or -]0.1).
[4] Vaughn C, Gartenhaus J, Strouse G (2006) NIST calibration uncertainties of thermistor thermometers over the range from -50 [degrees]C to 90 [degrees]C.
Nevertheless, RTDs and thermistors are relatively easy to use because they do not have a TC's need for CJ temperature correction.
Thermistors typically have a stability of [+ or -]0.2[degrees]C ([+ or -]0.1[degrees]F) but they can be as stable as [+ or -]0.1[degrees]C (0.06[degrees]F) when using extra precision (XP) thermistors.
Temperature of transducer's thermistors was measured only after 60 minutes after the temperature of the Peltier element reached the target value in order to stabilize the flow of heat.
On the day of the experiments, the rats were taken to the experimental room, and a thermistor (Beta Therm Corp., USA) for measuring [T.sub.brain] was inserted into the brain through the guide cannula.
In this case it was decided to measure the voltage drop across the thermistor. The postulation of an absolute accuracy of 10 mK results in a resolution, which corresponds to 16 bits.
If you get a reading of about 8K-to 10K-ohms, verify the thermistor is functional by placing your fingers gently on the bulb.
This involves a shift away from thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors to infrared thermometers and fiber-optic temperature sensors.
Digital thermistor units range from handheld to panel-mounted meters with alarm capabilities and accuracies of [+ or -] 2[degrees]F.
They are offered in three configurations and each provides a differential of 2[degrees]F, high accuracy thermistor temperature sensing of 2[degrees]F and a setpoint adjustment of I[degrees]F resolution, which is set by potentiometer.
Designed specifically for driving single-phase switched reluctance motors, the 50A rated FCAS50SN50 SPM smart power module integrates an HVIC with an LVIC, IGBTs, fast recovery diodes and a thermistor in an ultra-compact (44 x 26.8 mm) mini-DIP package.