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An instrument that senses, measures, and records the temperature of the atmosphere. Also known as recording thermometer.
A far-infrared image-forming device that provides a thermal photograph by scanning a far-infrared image of an object or scene.



an instrument for the continuous recording of the temperature of air or water.

The sensing element of a thermograph may be a bimetallic strip or a liquid or resistance thermometer. In meteorology, the most common thermograph has a sensor in the form of a bent bimetallic strip, which is deformed upon a change in temperature. The movement of the end of the strip is transmitted to a pointer, which traces a curve on a roll of graph paper. A vertical displacement of 1 mm on the recording corresponds to about 1°C.

A distinction is made between day and week thermographs, depending on the time required for a complete rotation of the recording drum. The operation of a thermograph is monitored by comparison with a mercury thermometer.


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thermographclick for a larger image
An instrument for providing a continuous record of temperature, typically air temperature. The recording is done on a graph mounted on a drum, which is rotated by clockwork. Two metals of different alloys are welded together in a coil form. The difference in the coefficient of expansions expands or tightens the coil when subjected to temperature changes. This movement is magnified by a lever system attached to the coil with a pen nib slightly resting on a chart.
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