thickness gauge

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feeler gauge

feeler gauge
A series of blades of graduated thickness; used to measure the clearance in a gap.
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repair and verification of the thickness gauge ultrasonic Bulat 1M;
The Elcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge can be used in accordance with: ASTM 06132, SSPC PA9 & ISO 2808.
The measuring principle of thickness gauge is based on the attenuation of Beta radiation emitted by a nuclear source as it passes through a material.
The sanders feature a heavy-duty flame, an electronic thickness gauge, a true variable speed conveyor, an overload amp meter and easy-to-read controls.
offers the new Krautkramer CL 400 precision thickness gauge, which offers advancements in ultrasonic performance and operation.
The hand-held Magna-Mike Model 8500 thickness gauge from Panametrics uses a magnetic method to make fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of nonferrous materials, the manufacturer reports.
The first is the "MO34A" digital thickness gauge for fine nonwovens and paper.
Contract Awarded for The procurement and installation of bopi film thickness gauge
This instrument is compatible with the company's complete range of dual element and single element transducers that are said to make this instrument an all-in-one solution for virtually every thickness gauge application.
India, June 8 -- Olympus NDT has introduced the handheld 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge.
in Fairborn, Ohio, is introducing the UltraGauge+ ultrasonic thickness gauge for tubes.
DeFeLsko offers a redesigned PosiTector 200 coating thickness gauge for wood and wood products.