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The vertical depth, measured in geometric or geopotential units, of a layer in the atmosphere bounded by surfaces of two different values of the same physical quantity, usually constant-pressure surfaces.
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(geology), the thickness of a stratum (vein, lens) or complex of geological deposits (suite, stage, series, system, lava sheets). A distinction is made between the true thickness (t) measured by the length of a perpendicular between the roof and floor of a stratum and the thickness visible on the earth’s surface (s). The true thickness is determined by the formula t = s sin (δ + σ), where δ is the angle of dip of the stratum and σ is the angle of inclination of the earth’s surface. The thickness of each stratigraphic subdivision varies along the strike.

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"Application technology is driving the development of tool coatings that are more durable at reduced thicknesses, bring improved lubricity to aid release of extremely tight-tolerance parts, or protect better against erosion and corrosion," says David Bell, CEO of Phygen, a coating service supplier with an advanced, patented process.
By using two specimens of different thickness, the thermal conductivity of the coating can be determined as long as the surface finishes of the two specimens are similar and the thicknesses o f the substrates are within a few percent.
Phone: (800) 521-4250 Services: Limited CTS & sanding to thickness tolerances Main customers: Panel producers & store fixture producers Standard sizes: 4 ft x 8 ft, 4 ft x 10 ft, 4 ft x 16 ft & 5 ft x 8 ft Thicknesses: 1/8 in., 3/16 in.
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However, recent studies have shown that the traditional rule of thumb for using cast steels with wall thicknesses of greater than 6 mm is overly conservative.
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is one of the techniques that have been used to measure silicon dioxide film thicknesses. The measured thicknesses depend on knowledge of the effective attenuation length (EAL) of the detected photoelectrons in SiO2 for the particular film thickness and measurement configuration.
As a method that provided for rapid results, and could also be used with varying thicknesses, it was decided that a visual observation of the part cross-section would provide for a reasonable method to determine the approximate state of cure.