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(inorganic chemistry)
M2S2O3 A salt of thiosulfuric acid and a base; for example, reaction of sodium hydroxide and thiosulfuric acid to produce sodium thiosulfate.
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a salt of thiosulfuric acid, H2S2O3. The thiosulfates of alkali and alkaline earth metals (except Ba), as well as those of ammonium, zinc, and cadmium, are freely soluble in water. Sodium thiosulfate is of the greatest practical value.

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Finally, after 6 months of treatment, sodium thiosulfate was suspended due to favorable evolution of the wounds and pain reduction.
Sodium thiosulfate was evaluated by cooperative groups in two phase three clinical studies of survival and decrease of ototoxicity, including The Clinical Oncology Group Protocol ACCL0431 and SIOPEL 6.
Upon collection, bacteria samples were treated with a 60g/L solution of sodium thiosulfate, prepared by dissolving anhydrous sodium thiosulfate (Fisher Scientific) in deionized water, to deactivate silver from continuing to disinfect during sample incubation.
HAu[Cl.sub.4] (tetrachloroauric(III) acid) and [Na.sub.2][Su.sub.2][O.sub.3] (5H2O) (sodium thiosulfate) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich; ultrapure Milli-Q water with resistivity 18 Mu-cm was used as the solvent; high molecular weight chitosan, with molecular weight of 106 kDa and deacetylation degree of 79%, was purchased from Heppe Medical.
Spector, "Successful treatment of calciphylaxis with intravenous sodium thiosulfate," American Journal of Kidney Diseases, vol.
A University of Wisconsin farm safety expert advised the coroner to test the decedent's blood for evidence of hydrogen sulfide exposure; blood thiosulfate level was 9.2 [micro]g/ml, consistent with lethal hydrogen sulfide exposure as the cause of death (2).
To correct the calcium-phosphate balance, several medications have been used, including sodium thiosulfate and cinacalcet.
Right column, fifth sentence of the second paragraph should read: However, in the SOX-CD system, [S.sup.0] is not oxidized, thiosulfate is partially oxidized and divided into elemental sulfur ([S.sup.0]) and sulfate, and [H.sub.2]S is oxidized to [S.sup.0] (Friedrich et al., 2001 ).
The liberated iodine was titrated with a sodium thiosulfate solution (0.1 mol [L.sup.-1)] until the blue color disappeared.
There is limited evidence for intravenous sodium thiosulfate for its antioxidative properties and ability to increase calcium solubility in NUCA [8].