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1. coming after the second and preceding the fourth in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc.; being the ordinal number of three: often written 3rd
2. denoting the third from lowest forward ratio of a gearbox in a motor vehicle
a. one of three equal or nearly equal parts of an object, quantity, etc.
b. (as modifier): a third part
4. the fraction equal to one divided by three (1/3)
5. the forward ratio above second of a gearbox in a motor vehicle. In some vehicles it is the top gear
a. the interval between one note and another three notes away from it counting inclusively along the diatonic scale
b. one of two notes constituting such an interval in relation to the other
7. Brit an honours degree of the third and usually the lowest class
8. goods of a standard lower than that of seconds
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a unit of time equal to 1/60 of a second. The unit is seldom used. In modern physics, small intervals of time are usually expressed in decimal fractions of a second: milliseconds (10–3sec), microseconds (10–6sec), and nanoseconds (10–9 sec).

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And thirdly it doesn't replay what people are most anxious to see.
Thirdly and most importantly, I dislike the mess that the race entrants and supporters left behind them.
Thirdly, with burgeoning demand for degrees, some universities engaged in rapid expansion drives.
Thirdly, 8.8K May 60 calls bought for $2.15, possibly closing.
According to which Sheikh cheated Kashmir cause and he made properties on name of his brothers and nephews and thirdly sanctity of parliament is trampled in the presence of Sheikh Rashid.
Thirdly, and most importantly, bringing up Universal Credit and its effect on four million people - and the braying, laughing response from the inane Tory benches - will have won Labour a lot more votes to come than any mention of Brexit.
Notwithstanding PTI proposed 100 days plan success, PTI's newly elected members' uncontrolled attitude soon after election victory signifies patently certain realities: PTI which is known to be the party of educated has irrational members in its ranks; secondly how those uncontrolled leaders will be expected to serve in their respective constituencies?; Thirdly, what will be the code of conduct of PTI to clip their wings.
The second thing to happen was when I shouted at a cyclist on the High Street that "a red light means stop!" And thirdly, a cyclist overtook me from the rear on the pavement.
Thirdly, the participation of women in elections is very low.
Thirdly white-course jobs are mostly liked and preferred by people.
in new technologies and thirdly because of consumer protection," he added.
"And thirdly, the need to break the downward spiral of the situation in Gaza."