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, Ger. Thorn, city (1993 est. pop. 201,700), capital (with Bydgoszcz) of Kujawsko-Pomorskie prov., N central Poland, on the Vistula River. It is a river port and a railway junction.
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, Poland.


sharp-pointed projection on some plants, usually protective in function. Botanically, thorns are distinguished as modified stems (as in the honey locust and hawthorn) from spines, which are modified leaves (as in the barberry), and from prickles, which are epidermal outgrowths of the bark (as in the rose and blackberry). Cacti have both thorns and spines.

What does it mean when you dream about a thorn?

Thorns are usually associated with suffering. The dreamer may be “sacrificing” his or her own life for others, thereby becoming a “martyr.”


A short, sharp, rigid, leafless branch on a plant.
Any of various sharp spinose structures on an animal.


the messenger of Satan. [N.T.: II Corinthians 12:7]


1. a sharp pointed woody extension of a stem or leaf
a. any of various trees or shrubs having thorns, esp the hawthorn
b. the wood of any of these plants
3. a Germanic character of runic origin Þ used in Old and Modern Icelandic to represent the voiceless dental fricative sound of th, as in thin, bath. Its use in phonetics for the same purpose is now obsolete
4. this same character as used in Old and Middle English as an alternative to edh, but indistinguishable from it in function or sound
5. Zoology any of various sharp spiny parts
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Stripped soldiers wrestled, were plastered in mud and jumped into thorn bushes. It all looked dirty, ugly and nasty.
Instead of burning those pesky thorn-bearing thorn bushes, don gloves and use a good set of clippers to cut the stalks off about a foot from the ground.
"We know the razor wire looks unsightly although, hopefully, the thorn bushes planted behind it will eventually mask the wire."
South of the watershed, on the leeward side of the winds and rains, a narrow belt along the coast from Guantanamo Bay to the Point of Maisi receives less than 600 mm (24 inches) of rainfall yearly, and xerophytic thorn bushes predominate.
From the outside, the 26,000-hectare ranch with a corrugated-iron house fenced by low-lying broom sedges and thorn bushes looks much like it did a century ago.
CRAWLING through thorn bushes face down in the red dust of the African desert while the sun sears through your thick combat jacket may not be everyone's idea of fun.
The site is a short walk across another patch of desert, inhabited only, it seems, by the occasional armadillo and hundreds of thorn bushes. "These are the worst enemy of the palaeontologist," says Calvo, grasping the grey, gnarled branch of a thorn bush.
It has been jostled around in delivery tracks and unceremoniously tossed into puddles and thorn bushes. It has been rained and snowed upon, and had even worse fate inflicted by early-morning dog walkers.
Put some savage shrubs in any flower beds below your front windows, train prickly climbing plants up your fences and walls, and plant thickets and thorn bushes in front of likely entry and escape routes, it says.
"Beware of the dog" signs may not scare off many burglars but, according to direct insurer Zurich Municipal, plants might just do the trick as thieves are reluctant to clamber through thorn bushes, brambles and prickly leaves.
Yet the dad of two still had one more obstacle to overcome - he'd to stagger a mile through thorn bushes to raise the alarm.
Thorn bushes are the only other vegetation in a bare, beautiful but damaged landscape.