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see radonradon
, gaseous radioactive chemical element; symbol Rn; at. no. 86; mass no. of most stable isotope 222; m.p. about −71°C;; b.p. −61.8°C;; density 9.73 grams per liter at STP; valence usually 0. Radon is colorless and the most dense gas known.
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; thoriumthorium
[from Thor], radioactive chemical element; symbol Th; at. no. 90; mass number of most stable isotope 232; m.p. about 1,750°C;; b.p. about 4,790°C;; sp. gr. 11.7 at 20°C;; valence +4.

Thorium is a soft, ductile, lustrous, silver-white, radioactive metal.
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(nuclear physics)
The conventional name for radon-220. Symbolized Tn.
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A large study by Thoron and Myers (2011a) compared the use of inquiry-based instruction to the subject matter approach on student content knowledge achievement.
Eight studies recommended future research increase the sample size used in the experimental design (Baker et al., 2014; Blackburn & Robinson, 2016; Bunch et al., 2014; Easterly & Myers, 2011; Rose et al., 2015; Sapp & Thoron, 2014; Schafbuch et al., 2016; Witt et al., 2014).
The detector has a progeny filter that eliminates the radon and thoron progenies.
For thoron monitoring, program based sampling is carried out using a flow mode sampler connected to the pump inlet of the monitor.
Three AT houses were selected at each place for indoor Radon and thoron studies.
The radon and Thoron concentrations are determined by using the following relations [5]
But, in 1948, a speech he gave supporting the founding of Israel prompted his murder, Thoron says, and in 1949, the theatre dosed.
"Like Chagall's mural," Thoron has written, "the play's structure is composed of multiple narratives and images woven together in a dreamlike way." An Introduction to Jewish Theater is Chagall's "manifesto of a new musical theatre that puts musicians at the dead center," she says.
Thoron and Myers (2011) reported that students taught through inquiry-based instruction achieved higher content knowledge scores when compared to students taught through the subject matter approach.
However, previous research stated that the use of Vee maps in agricultural education classes as a substitute for traditional laboratory reports increased science content knowledge (Thoron & Myers, 2010b; Thoron, Swindle, & Myers, 2008).
Thoron and Myers (2010) stated that laboratory reports are commonplace during laboratory experiments.
The Vee map is a scaffolding tool that applies Kolb's (1984) model of experiential learning and allows for student manipulation of experiments (Thoron & Myers, 2010).