thorough bass

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thorough bass:

see figured bassfigured bass,
in music, a system of shorthand notation in which figures are written below the notes of the bass part to indicate the chords to be played. Called also thorough bass and basso continuo, it arose in the early 17th cent.
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Lefkowitz was also the first to recognize that most of the pieces exist in two different scorings: a so-called fold version' for two trebles, tenor viol, bass viol and thorough bass, and a `new version' whose instrumentation is made explicit by Lawes in his autograph score-book--`Two Violins, 2 Base Violls and 2 Theorboes'.
A proper Acompaniement [sic] is also arranged on a plan so distinct as to enable any Harpsichord player to accompany himself with ease, although unacquainted with the Rules of Thorough Bass.
1 (1716; first English edition, Solo's for a Violin with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin, 1719), op.