thorough bass

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thorough bass:

see figured bassfigured bass,
in music, a system of shorthand notation in which figures are written below the notes of the bass part to indicate the chords to be played. Called also thorough bass and basso continuo, it arose in the early 17th cent.
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He states in the forward to his book that "musicians must be able to improvise fantasies in every style with rules of harmony and melody, play in all keys, transpose instantly, sight read, master thorough bass, reinforce overall harmony." (11) In the chapter on improvisation he discusses the free fantasia, an unmeasured improvised piece using varied harmonic progressions "expressed in all manner of figuration and motives." (12) In addition, he also gives suggestions for developing bass parts and the use of keys and chords.
Basse continue (basso continuo, or thorough bass) is a term used in musicology to refer to a style of composition dating back to the Baroque era.
(`Sett', `suit' and `suite' were virtually synonymous in Lawes's day.) Lefkowitz was also the first to recognize that most of the pieces exist in two different scorings: a so-called fold version' for two trebles, tenor viol, bass viol and thorough bass, and a `new version' whose instrumentation is made explicit by Lawes in his autograph score-book--`Two Violins, 2 Base Violls and 2 Theorboes'.