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separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail. In another early method horses or oxen trod out the grain from stalks spread on a threshing floor. In both cases the straw was raked away and then the mixture of grain and chaff was winnowed, i.e., tossed into or poured through a current of air so that the light chaff was blown away from the heavier grain. In 1784 a Scotsman, Andrew Meikle, devised a threshing machine. Sheaves of grain were fed into a revolving cylinder armed with wooden beaters. Another toothed drum raked away the loose straw and pushed the remaining chaff and grain through a sieve onto a series of rollers that further separated the chaff from the grain in preparation for winnowing. The principle of Meikle's machine has been retained in all threshing machines up to and including the modern self-propelled combinescombine
, agricultural machine that performs both harvesting and threshing operations. Although it was not widely used until the 1930s, the combine was in existence as early as 1830.
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See M. Partridge, Farm Tools through the Ages (1973).



separation of the seeds (or fruits) from the ears, tassels, heads, and cobs of plants. It is one of the basic operations in harvesting grain and other agricultural crops. It is performed by combines and threshers in the field and at the threshing floor and is usually combined with cleaning and grading of seeds (grain). The quality of threshing work is evaluated by the degree of completeness and the number of broken seeds and seeds that remain in the straw and chaff.

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Twelve years ago I purchased my first threshing machine.
Experimental trials on a threshing cylinder with spaces between the cylinder rasp bars covered with filler plates showed a decrease in wheat grain damage from 2.
He said the expenses incurred on crop threshing were also borne by zamindar besides he arranged free accommodation for us.
This is not the first time a fundraiser has been organized around breaking a threshing machine world record.
Chaudhry (1979) found the total loss of wheat from bullock threshing, semi- mechanical threshing; threshing with thresher and combine harvester amounted to 3.
Mechanical threshing process does not only affect the effective recovery of the grains, but it also leads to high grain loss (Olaoye et al.
The old stationary steam engine uses a belt to power the threshing machine, while a horse drawn cart stands by with water to replenish the boiler.
A NEW autumn showcase for threshing machines and balers makes its debut this weekend in North Wales.
These were used to power machinery such as threshing machines, which removed grain from the ears of wheat.
The 6156 brings increased threshing capacity with four-motor threshing drum drive and longer threshing drum life for reduced operating costs.
One part of the rural way of life that is, however, no longer with us, is that of the threshing of the cut sheaves of corn by highly efficient, extremely complicated threshing machines.