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First, in real practice, not only the surface chloride and diffusion coefficient are random, but also threshold depth (cover depth) and critical chloride value do so.
where [[lambda].sub.0], [[lambda].sub.2], and [[LAMBDA].sub.p] are model parameters that must be tuned by calibration, [[lambda].sub.0] is initial erosion strength [[m.sup.-1]], [[lambda].sub.2] is maximum erosion strength [[m.sup.-1]], and [[LAMBDA].sub.p] is threshold depth of the [lambda] plateau.
The dimensions of each of the chambers of the locks are planned at 1,706-feet long, 246-feet wide, and 91-feet threshold depth.
Thus, the values of such a threshold depth will be very close to the extinction depths given in Fig.
White tailed deer response to a threshold depth of 12.5 cm is lower than previously reported.
We obtained a high accuracy with a relatively low threshold depth ([greater than or equal to] 10-fold) for variant detection.
Before the threshold depth is reached the decrease in effective sheathing thickness is more detrimental to the joint stiffness than the benefit of a decrease in the effective bending length of the nail which, at this level of overdriven depth, is caused only by the decrease in nail length in contact with the panel.
Another parameter that governs the subsurface response is the threshold depth of water in the shallow aquifer for "revap" to occur (REVAPMN).
In some cases, the language does not set a threshold depth or otherwise quantify dents with respect to length, width and sharpness.
[35] that the most sensible parameters are minimum depth of water in soil for base flow to occur, the groundwater reevaporation coefficient, and the threshold depth of water in the shallow aquifer for percolation to the deep aquifer.
Thus 'surfacing time' is best defined as the time during which the whales are either at the surface or shallower than a certain threshold depth. Similarly a whale's behaviour below the surface can be classified in relation to its diving activity by defining 'diving' as submergence below this threshold depth.