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In amplitude thresholding, a pixel is deemed to belong to a cloud if its amplitude exceeds a certain value.
A number of different kinds of thresholding methods have been reported, such as entropy thresholding [1], Otsu segmentation [2] and minimum error method [3], etc.
RAPID provides hypoperfusion, cerebral blood volume indexes, custom notifications and thresholding including golden-hour thresholds.
The wavelet thresholding approach assumes that noise is represented with small wavelet coefficients that should be discarded if under a certain threshold.
A novel technique for lung segmentation from input Computed Tomography (CT) images using optimal thresholding was developed.
The useful way to binarize an image is through thresholding and separating the background and foreground according to the pixel intensities.
The microscopic images are separated into two different regions to determine TB bacilli using bi-level thresholding whose output is a binary image indicating the bacilli objects and background tissue.
Biological individuals could be accurately extracted from the image background by only using thresholding or background subtraction.
Armato [3] and coworkers used a range of threshold values obtained from gray level histogram analysis for performing iterative global grey level thresholding technique.
Greedy pursuit algorithms, including Simultaneous Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (SOMP) [15], Simultaneous Iterative Hard Thresholding (SIHT) [16], and Simultaneous Hard Thresholding Pursuit (SHTP) [16] are proposed to solve the DCS problem based on JSM-2.
proposed a regular k-shrinkage thresholding operator for the removal of mixed Gaussian-impulse noise.
Road crack detection models that employ image thresholding algorithms have been put forward by Cheng et al.