Thrust Fault

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thrust fault

[′thrəst ‚fȯlt]
A low-angle (less than a 45° dip) fault along which the hanging wall has moved up relative to the footwall. Also known as reverse fault; reverse slip fault; thrust slip fault.

Thrust Fault


(geology), a form of displacement of bedding that arises in tectonic movements. The thrust fault forms when certain masses of rock are thrust over others along the dip plane of a fault in the earth’s crust. Thrust faults are subdivided into low-angle and high-angle thrust faults, depending on the angle of dip of this plane. They are frequently a further development of recumbent folds, the inverted limb of which is extended and pinched. In some cases, thrust faults are observed with virtually horizontal displacement surfaces and large displacements of the overthrust masses.

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Therefore, it was observed that the VAAN station was uplifted about 17 cm due to the thrust fault movement.
Thrust faults imaged in the Bottle Lake transect support that speculation and may also partially explain difficulties in dividing the Flume Ridge into mappable members.
The Karak Trough is occupied by the Siwalik Group of rocks of Miocene age which are gently folded into a series of east west trending folds along with associated thrust faults (Ali, 2010).
Strike-slip faults are much less efficient at making tsunamis than thrust faults," says Ward.
An example of a thrust fault is the fault in which the Northridge earthquake occurred.
The current account of the structural analysis of Eastern Surghar suggests that the Eastern Surghar Range is a thin-skinned deformed range that is characterized by contractile structure including south facing folds and a frontal thrust fault.
Although gravity measurements are sparse in this area, gravity values are higher in the northern part of the study area, and tail off in the southeastern highlands, compatible with an interpretation of a thrust fault transporting a thin veneer of basement rocks over younger sedimentary rocks with no root of plutonic rocks in Baddeck River-St.
What geologist call as Zagros zone covers the lands between Zagros Main Thrust Fault in the east and far western plains in Khuzestan which are aligned with Arabi plate north east edge and neo--tethyan passive margin [16, 39, 40].
On westwrn side of Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis there are several arcute, south verging thrust fault which terminate in the Jhelum Fault at an acute angle between Balakot and Kohala.
The aircore drilling program has discovered a second thrust fault to the east of Treasure Island, suggesting the Boulder-Lefroy fault system could have split in two through this area with one part of the fault system running immediately east of Treasure Island and the other part of the fault system running approximately 3km to the east on the lake (Figure 1).
The granodiorite and its related porphyry dykes cut the deformed Ordovician rocks as well as the detachment fault and the thrust fault imbricates constituted by Silurian and Devonian units.
The area includes a thrust fault in the foothill zone.