thumb knob

turn knob

A small doorknob, often oval or crescent-shaped; used to control the door bolt from the inside of the door.
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But with a simple 180-degree flip of the release and thumb knob the Convertible can be shot with third-finger activation.
The range includes the CMT.AE-V0 lever latch with novel fold-away thumb knob for access panels of all kinds where security is not an issue, plus the CQT.AE-V0 round bezel and the quick assembly CQTF.FM-AE-V0 square bezel latches with key.
The jaw closes automatically and doesn't require fiddling with the adjustable thumb knob to set the trigger.
($209) gives you a multiposition thumb knob that adjusts for projection, tilt, and thumb angle to accommodate your shooting preferences.
You also can loosen and rotate the knurled thumb knob to fit your particular grip and thumb position.
You can tweak the G3's fit (and resulting clamping force) with two thumb knobs, which move the earcups up and down the headband, which has a padded head cushion.
To access the chamber's interior, a push on thumb knobs and a lift of the corner doors activates the proximity sensors that turn off the UV system for safety.
The Sacagawea's latest upgrade are thumb knobs instead of traditional set screws which makes assembly possible within 45 minutes for a 10x10 booth, including un-packing.
What 1 this does is allow you to quickly go from bare hand to a glove simply by loosening and then re-tightening the thumb knobs. Mathews[R] Harmonic Dampers[TM] in the knobs help reduce vibration.