thumb latch

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lift latch, thumb latch

lift latch
A type of door latch which fastens a door by means of a pivoted bar that engages a hook on the doorjamb; a lever which lifts the pivoted bar is used to unfasten the door. Also see Norfolk latch, Suffolk latch, thumb latch.
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Colder determined that an entirely new connector needed to be designed--one that was half the flow size of the NS2 but that still incorporated the familiar thumb latch that made the NS4 and NS6 series easy to use.
These low profile couplings feature an audible click to verify a secure connection; a convenient thumb latch for easy disconnects, and sharp barb ends to minimize turbulence.
Locks are student rooms should be the type that remain locked from the outside at all times and cannot be converted to an unlocked position by the use of an interior thumb latch.
Acetal Quick Disconnect Kit, EACH 6 $ $ Part Number: 40631 Or Equivalent, consisting of Four Female Thumb Latch Style Couplings by A- inch MPT Fittings for Gas Pressure and Temperature.
With its ergonomic thumb latch, the coupling offers the "Colder Click," and confidence that a reliable connection has been made.
It still retains many character and period features with wall and ceiling timbers, ledge and brace doors with thumb latch handles, quarry tiling and feature ?
An incorporated valve ensures the coupling remains clean and leak-free, while a thumb latch feature provides an audible "click" that indicates when a secure connection has been made.
The SDM Improved Thumb Latch for K-, L- and N-frame revolvers has exceptionally sharp checkering to glue your thumb to the latch.
A quick-disconnect thumb latch enables the waste bottles to be easily attached and detached from the tubing.
It is mounted to a standard panel opening by means of a rugged thumb latch.