thumb turn

turn knob

A small doorknob, often oval or crescent-shaped; used to control the door bolt from the inside of the door.
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You should consider changing the locks inside the exit door so you don't need a key to get out, you can easily install a thumb turn lock where all you have to do is turn it.
If your lodger's bedroom door has a lock on it, the lock must have keyless egress for fire safety reasons- meaning that it is operated with a key from outside but by thumb turn from inside, and this also applies to your exit doors.
Fire detection systems were not working, flat entrance doors did not meet required fire resistance standards and lacked self-closing devices and thumb turn locks.
It is now possible to buy Euro profile cylinders with a thumb turn on the inside so you do not need a key to exit.
Checking that the exit doors have at least a 5-lever thumb turn mortise lock.
A rule of thumb turns information you have into information you need.
Rotate your forearm as you lift, so that your thumb turns toward the outside of your body.
The wooden thumb turns are made by a chap who lives on a hill in Wem, Shropshire.
Hang them round the pelmet from a length of cord and your thumb turns into a giant purple aubergine from repeated misses with the hammer.