thumb turn

turn knob

A small doorknob, often oval or crescent-shaped; used to control the door bolt from the inside of the door.
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"Many double locks require the homeowner to lift the door handle up and turn the key or thumb turn lock to activate.
You should consider changing the locks inside the exit door so you don't need a key to get out, you can easily install a thumb turn lock where all you have to do is turn it."
If your lodger's bedroom door has a lock on it, the lock must have keyless egress for fire safety reasons- meaning that it is operated with a key from outside but by thumb turn from inside, and this also applies to your exit doors.
Fire detection systems were not working, flat entrance doors did not meet required fire resistance standards and lacked self-closing devices and thumb turn locks.
It is now possible to buy Euro profile cylinders with a thumb turn on the inside so you do not need a key to exit.
HMO considers a host of elements including the need for: self closer fire doors fitted to all bedrooms, protected escape routes for individually-let bedrooms and selfcontained flats, multiple escape routes (dependent on the size of a property), maximum emergency travel distances and locks that open from the inside without the use of a key (thumb turn locks).
Checking that the exit doors have at least a 5-lever thumb turn mortise lock.
'This medical marijuana - I did this,' the President, speaking in Filipino and English, said in a speech on Friday, gesturing with a thumb turned down.
" The results in this case were miraculous as the blood started flowing and the thumb turned pink in colour on the operating table itself," Dr Mangal said.
The tragedy of Notre Dame's commencement was captured by long-time faculty member, philosophy professor, and author Ralph McInerny, who wrote afterwards, "And so it was that on Sunday at Notre Dame faithful Catholics were regarded as dissenters...." He went on to describe President Obama on that fateful day as "the smiling Caesar, thumb turned down on life...."
A rule of thumb turns information you have into information you need.
At least goalkeeper Given's suspected broken thumb turned out to be only severe bruising.