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sound produced along a path of a lightning flash, caused by the rapid heating and expansion of the adjacent air; lightning can heat air to temperatures as much as five times hotter than those at the surface of the sun. Rolling thunder occurs either as a result of the time difference between sounds from the far and near end of a flash, or when mountains, layers of air, or other obstructions cause reverberations. Since sound travels about 1 mi in 5 sec, the distance between a lightning flash and an observer may be determined by counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder. Thunder as far distant as 10 to 15 mi (15 to 25 km) from an observer is usually not heard, even though lightning is often seen. See thunderstormthunderstorm,
violent, local atmospheric disturbance accompanied by lightning, thunder, and heavy rain, often by strong gusts of wind, and sometimes by hail. The typical thunderstorm caused by convection occurs when the sun's warmth has heated a large body of moist air near the
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What does it mean when you dream about thunder?

Thunder may indicate a loud knocking at the door of the dreamer’s conscious mind to force the dreamer to pay attention and to learn. If accompanied by lightning bolts, inspiration and enlightenment may be indicated.


The sound emitted by rapidly expanding gases along the channel of a lightning discharge.


The loud rumbling caused by lightning. The lightning creates a large amount of heat, which causes air to expand rapidly and violently. These expansion waves travel at supersonic speeds and are heard as thunder.


See also Lightning.
epithet of Dionysus, meaning ‘thunder.’ [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 43]
cruel Cyclops who controls the weather; able to cause great thunder. [Gk. Myth.: Parrinder, 47; Jobes, 241, 400]
god of thunder; corresponds to Thor. [Ger. Myth.: Leach, 321]
thunder god and controller of weather. [Vedic Myth.: Leach, 521]
Thor’s hammer. [Norse Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 1076]
god of thunder. [Norse Myth.: Leach, 1109]


a loud cracking or deep rumbling noise caused by the rapid expansion of atmospheric gases which are suddenly heated by lightning
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And "Smell of Human Life" contrasts a thunderous oscillating rumble with irregular knocks and slaps of metallic and shimmering percussion.
They swell up larger and larger, and then they let out this thunderous call.
And he of course responded with his own thunderous self-mythology.
The reader, engaged in listening to an a capella "bride song" at a traditional wedding is suddenly bombarded with the thunderous rumbles of tanks and the whistle of RPG (rocket-propelled grenades).
It's wrong," came the thunderous response, "because that's detraction, and it's a sin against the Eighth Commandment.
Ollie North proudly tells his legions that he lied to Congress in order to protect American lives, he is given a thunderous standing-O.
Manama, April 7 (BNA): The Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications forecast unstable weather on Friday with scattered rainfalls which could be thunderous at times.
Clarke had put Stanley ahead early on with his first goal for the club since his loan move from Blackburn, when he launched a thunderous strike into the bottom corner of the net.
Big Scott "Boab" McCulloch is a bit of a cult hero with fans of the lower leagues due to his thunderous free-kicks.
After the initial thunderous blast, the lines begin to spread out slightly for a few seconds before narrowing.