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thuya, western red cedar, Pacific red cedar

A soft, lightweight, straight coarse-grained wood that is relatively weak; the sap-wood is white, the heartwood is reddish; because of its durability it is widely used for shingles, tanks, and other exterior applications.
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It is the time to prune back early summer-flowering shrubs and give evergreen hedges such as Yew, Thuya and (yuk!) Leyland cypress a summer haircut.
His company deals mainly with the hard-to-find veneers, including amboyna burl and thuya burl.
The Moose Hunter is pictured with a Cocobolo handle and the Deer Hunter with a Thuya bud handle.
* The retail sale of certain essential oils, expressly specified by regulations, are reserved to pharmacies, including those essences made of absinth, armoise, cedar, hyssop, suage, tanaisie, thuya. However, essential oils for cosmetic, cleaning or food use are excluded.
The unofficial town symbol is a giant evergreen (thuya)--a member of the conifer family, growing up through a large jug.
Moroccan specialist MarocDecor specialises in tribal rugs chosen for their originality and bespoke furniture in typical Moroccan thuya wood.
Shiploads of thuya are what my body wants to say to your body.
Conservation implications of browsing by Odocoileus virginianus in remnant upland Thuya occidentalis forests.
In these little shelters, craftsmen produce exquisite marquetry work from the local Thuya trees, a mahogany-like hardwood.
On clay, early successional stages are dominated by trembling aspen and intermediate stages by balsam fir, paper birch, and white spruce, whereas old stages are dominated by balsam fir and white cedar (Thuya occidentalis).