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thuya, western red cedar, Pacific red cedar

A soft, lightweight, straight coarse-grained wood that is relatively weak; the sap-wood is white, the heartwood is reddish; because of its durability it is widely used for shingles, tanks, and other exterior applications.
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The final product, Canova[R], contains 19 dH Thuya occidentalis (Cupresaceae) made from the bark; 18 dH Bryonia alba (Curcubitaceae) made from fresh roots; 11 dH Aconitum napellus (Ranunculaceae) made from fresh preparations of the whole plant, including the roots, at the beginning of flowering; 19 dH Arsenicum album (arsenic trioxide); and 18 dH Lachesis muta (Viperidae) venom (Pereira et al.
The Moose Hunter is pictured with a Cocobolo handle and the Deer Hunter with a Thuya bud handle.
The retail sale of certain essential oils, expressly specified by regulations, are reserved to pharmacies, including those essences made of absinth, armoise, cedar, hyssop, suage, tanaisie, thuya.
Moroccan specialist MarocDecor specialises in tribal rugs chosen for their originality and bespoke furniture in typical Moroccan thuya wood.
Shiploads of thuya are what my body wants to say to your body.
Conservation implications of browsing by Odocoileus virginianus in remnant upland Thuya occidentalis forests.
In these little shelters, craftsmen produce exquisite marquetry work from the local Thuya trees, a mahogany-like hardwood.
Table 3 Pesticides used and popular local names Pesticide Trade name Kikuyu name Used as DDT Dawa(*) ya thuya Insecticide Malathion Marathioni Insecticide Cabofuran Furadan Dawa ya igunya Fungicide Copper Kopa Fungicide Fenitrition Dathion Ndithani Fungicide Carbaly Dawa ya nguha Insecticide Captafol Difolatan Gitono Fungicide Orthodifolatan Difolatan Dawa ya mbaa Fungicide Diazinon Diazol Dawa ya ria Herbicide * "Dawa" (medicine) and "muthaiga" (medicine) were used interchangeably