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see damaliskdamalisk
, name for African antelopes of the genus Damaliscus, closely related to the hartebeest. Damalisks are slenderly built and rather horselike in form; they are common grazing animals of the African grasslands.
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Julia Sanches, Jeremy Tiang, and Sean Bye: Cedilla & Co came out of a conversation between two of our founding members on a chilly Sunday afternoon when both were working to finish our respective translation projects and wishing there were never a day job to return to.
The annual movements of white-eared kob, tiang, and Mongalla gazelles in southeastern Sudan likely comprise one of the largest ungulate migrations in the world.
The recently-delivered machines will supplement a selection of their Grove-branded cousins, including Tiang Woon's RT760E and RT890E rough-terrain models, and its GMK3055 and GMK5095 all-terrain cranes.
What we want to offer is a fashionable design with modern technology at an affordable price range," Tiang Ning, vice-president for Middle East and North Africa at ZTE mobile devices, told Gulf News.
Ong Boon Lim 1990 Ong Tiang Swee of Sarawak, Kuching: Malaysian Historical Society Sarawak Branch.
The fourth organization, the Khong Kauw Hwee Semarang, had been founded in 1935 by two locally born men, Liem Khiem Siang and Souw Tiang Ing, who felt that an age of moral decline called for good moral instruction.
Game, especially White Eared Kob and Tiang were seen in profusion but no sign of buffalo.
To take into account the layer-after-layer densification reality, Bellehumeur and Tiang (6) proposed another model.
This was revealed here, in joint meeting of music company representatives, officials of Intellectual Property Organization, PTA, Broadcasting Stations, Regional Director, Regional Counsel of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) for the Asia-Pacific region Ang Kwee Tiang who is on a visit of Pakistan to examine the constitution and functioning of Collective Management Organization (CMO).
8220;CereNate is A Mother's Gift For Life,” said Mr Tiang Sung Ann, Director of Sales and Marketing at Novamed.
Badingilo is home to giant herds of antelope -- including tiang, white-eared kob and reedbuck -- as well as giraffe, lion, cheetah and vast bird populations.
Founded in 1947 by Tiang Chirativat, who opened the first store in the Chinese quarter of Bangkok, Central Group is one of the largest, most successful retailing groups in Southeast Asia.