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1. Chiefly US and NZ the group of candidates nominated by one party in an election; slate
2. Chiefly US the declared policy of a political party at an election

What does it mean when you dream about a ticket?

Having a ticket gives us a right to enter everything from a theater to an airplane. So tickets in a dream could represent a sense of entitlement. A dream could also be drawing on the meaning of a ticket idiom, such as a “meal ticket,” a “big ticket” item, or a “one-way ticket.”

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According to the DCO, the trains which were raided for ticketless passengers included Awam Express, Pakistan Express, Allama Iqbal Express, Karakoram Express and other trains.
At around 6pm, the numbers of ticketless fans outside the stadium increased and topped 10,000, who crowded to storm the stadium and tried to climb its walls, trying to go in.
Also Arriva Trains Wales are already using ticketless travel - with passengers scanning codes sent to their mobile phone before starting journeys.
Members of the West Midlands Revenue Protection department received 'Superstaff' awards in front of other Central Trains' employees, in honour of driving down levels of ticketless travel to 2.
Uefa communications director William Gaillard insisted the Greek police had been forced into a position where they could not prevent some ticketless fan moving barriers without provoking a riot.
Amadeus said Danish LCC Sterling is pioneering the Amadeus Ticketless Access product, "a technology solution [providing LCCs with] comprehensive access for the first time to sales through travel agents and corporate customers.
It's definitely the buzz of the campus,'' said UCLA grad Mark Deppe, 24, in charge of the bonfire rally, and one of thousands of ticketless fans who will tailgate outside the stadium with portable TV sets.
To be considered, students must have a ticketless driving record, a 3.
Ticketless rugby fans planning to watch the Six Nations on TV are being given a shot at getting to the big matches.
The number of travellers booking bus tickets for airport buses online is expected to increase after the booking systems Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Resaid transfer to a ticketless system for ground transports.
The hosts faced Czechoslovakia in the final and some ticketless Belgians even dug a tunnel to get into the packed stadium.