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1. Chiefly US and NZ the group of candidates nominated by one party in an election; slate
2. Chiefly US the declared policy of a political party at an election

What does it mean when you dream about a ticket?

Having a ticket gives us a right to enter everything from a theater to an airplane. So tickets in a dream could represent a sense of entitlement. A dream could also be drawing on the meaning of a ticket idiom, such as a “meal ticket,” a “big ticket” item, or a “one-way ticket.”

References in classic literature ?
'A ticket - a little tikkut to Umballa - O Breaker of Hearts!' She laughed.
'Not only was it sufficient for the ticket, but for a little food also, ' said Kim, leaping to his place.
Come!' He returned the money, keeping only one anna in each rupee of the price of the Umballa ticket as his commission - the immemorial commission of Asia.
Wait!' Amazed at the lama's immense- simplicity (he had handed him a small bag full of rupees), Kim asked and paid for a ticket to Umballa.
"Here, Brown, catch hold." And he hands the ticket to Tom, who pockets it.
I'll give you five shillings for him," begins the boy who had opened the ticket. Tom, remembering his good deed, and moreover in his forlorn state wishing to make a friend, is about to accept the offer, when another cries out, "I'll give you seven shillings." Tom hesitated and looked from one to the other.
And now at this moment, when hope was dead, Tom Sawyer came forward with nine yellow tickets, nine red tickets, and ten blue ones, and demanded a Bible.
That's the ticket. Don't let anyone think you're a greenhorn."
Afterwards in the evening when I gave him his ticket, he again began crying piteously and kissing me.
He would send his trunk up to Shelly Hot Springs on Joe's ticket. As for himself, there was his wheel.
"The railway is open to all travelers alike, if they have money enough to buy a ticket."
Let me take your ticket and see your luggage labeled: I only ask leave to be your traveling servant.