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A tingling sensation of the skin or a mucous membrane following light, tactile stimulation.


(text, tool)
A text editor, file translator and TCL interpreter for the Macintosh.

Version 5.0v1. The text editor breaks the 32K limit (like MPW).

The file translation utilities support drag and drop handling via tcl scripts of BinHex, MacBinary, Apple Computer Single/Double, StuffIt (with engine), Unix compress, Unix tar and UUencode files as well as text translation.

Tickle implements tcl 7.0 with tclX extensions and Macintosh equivalents of Unix's ls, pwd, cd commands. It provides Macintosh access to Resource Manager, Communications Toolbox, OSA Components (and AppleScript), Editions (publish and subscribe) and Apple Events (including AEBuild and AEPrint). OSA Script support allows programming of any OSA scripting component within Tickle interpreter windows. It provides the OSAtcl and OSAJ J/APL extensions and creates "Ticklets" which are small application programs that carry only the tcl script and use code in the OSAtcl component to drive an application that allows drag and drop with tcl scripts. Tickle is scriptable and recordable.


E-mail: <time@ice.com>.
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Past studies have confirmed that attempting to tickle oneself has less of an effect than being tickled by someone else.
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Dorothy Lang said: "We thought this would be great opportunity to have some fun in store whilst raising money for Tickled Pink, as it's a fantastic charity and one very close to our hearts.
First the subjects tickled themselves on the palm of the hand with a special `tickling stick' device, likened to the one popularised by comedian Ken Dodd.
So one group of students was tickled for 10 seconds, or until the tickling became intolerable, and then shown videotapes of stand-up comedy routines and clips from ``Saturday Night Live.
As part of the agreement, Tickled Media will create local country homepages for LiveJournal in South-East Asia and create a richer user experience for Asian bloggers.
What tickled our tastebuds: There's some lovely cakes with a twist - try the Parma Violet cake, it's amazing
Our store makes a big effort in supporting Tickled Pink every year, it's a really good cause"
A OH, yes you can, especially when you have tried to explain to this moron how much being tickled upsets you.
The three items in her pounds 37 pink outfit go on sale at Asda stores later this week, along with 145 others in the Tickled Pink range.
Other Tickled Pink events will take place in the store in September and October.
Shoppers will be tickled pink today if they make a trip to a supermarket.