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The surge current turns to be the unidirectional at some places where the tidal current is usually rectilinear.
The eastern Bering Sea shelf offers a multitude of possibilities for tidally assisted transport, and the distribution range that individuals seasonally inhabit may partly depend on the nature of the tidal currents. Based on tidal current ellipses for the [M.sub.2] tidal constituent in the eastern Bering Sea, tidal currents are rotary in nature over the majority the shelf area south of latitude 60[degrees]N but become more bidirectional (i.e., 60- and 240-degrees) close to the Alaska Peninsula and into Bristol Bay (Pearson et al., 1981; Kowalik, 1999).
A tidal model of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago was used to map the strength of the tidal currents, tidal mixing (h/[U.sup.3]), and the vertical excursion associated with the tidal currents that drive water upslope and downslope.
This requires considerable attention to tidal currents, sediment transport, shoaling problems, and channel migration at Barnegat Inlet and contiguous waters.
It is not a venue for swimming because the tidal current is so strong and the water is immediately deep.
Forbes will help to commercialise Atlantis' tidal current turbine technology and will seek opportunities for it within the global utility sector.
The advection of spatial variations in the tidal current by the tidal current itself not only generates higher harmonics (and solitary waves) but also produces a mean current.
Energy generation based on tidal current is a practical and alternative solution to land-based installations and represents an important area of innovation for ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest.
In order to develop effective tidal current technology, a special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A*describes the status of leading research and projects in the field to rapidly advance tidal energy technology.
The deal by Atlantis will create one of the largest portfolios of tidal current power projects in the UK under the Atlantis power generation business Siemens will receive 9.99% of the company's enlarged issued share capital as sole consideration for the sale.