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1. relating to, characterized by, or affected by tides
2. dependent on the state of the tide
3. (of a glacier) reaching the sea and discharging floes or icebergs


An HD music audio and video streaming service from Norway-based Aspiro AB, which is owned by S. Carter Enterprises (Jay Z). Introduced in 2014, TIDAL is a paid service that streams to desktop, mobile and network player devices. More than 50 million song titles and 200,000 music videos are available, which can also be downloaded for offline playback.

TIDAL X and TIDAL Rising
TIDAL X unites artists with their fans by live streaming events as well as inviting TIDAL subscribers to concerts and other venues.

TIDAL Rising creates a wider audience for artists who have a fan base but do not yet have worldwide recognition. TIDAL provides press photos, PR and tour support for rising artists. See high-resolution audio.

Resolution Choices
TIDAL offers its subscribers a choice of streaming resolution. For cellular listeners, a lower music quality means fewer bytes of data are transmitted, which may impact the user's data plan or be better in highly congested cells.
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Additional enhancements in the CESM ocean component, meant to improve the representation of tidally driven mixing, include separate treatment of diurnal and semidiurnal tidal constituents and implementation of a subgrid-scale bathymetry parameterization that better resolves the vertical distribution of the barotropic energy flux, following Schmittner and Egbert (2014); alternative tidal dissipation energy datasets from Egbert and Ray (2003) and Green and Nycander (2013); and introduction of the 18.
USA], Aug 15 ( ANI ): There's a possibility for a lot more exoplanets to be tidally locked, according to new research.
Intertidal oyster reefs are distributed more homogenously throughout the more tidally influenced Core Sound.
Point bars represent a typical feature of meandering rivers (Bridge, 2006) and tidally influenced meandering channels.
Enceladus is tidally locked to Saturn in a 1:1 resonance, which means that the same side of the satellite faces the planet and one revolution equals one rotation.
Nobody is entirely sure how the rings got there, but one leading idea is that the rings are the remains of one or two moons of Saturn which have collided or been tidally ripped apart by Saturn millions of years ago.
Among the topics are precision observational asteroseismology using Kepler spacecraft data, updates on the pulsating sdB star Feige 48 through spectroscopy, glimpses into the secret lives of hot subdwarf stars, tidally enhanced stellar wind in binaries as a second parameter for the horizontal branch morphology of globular clusters, hot subdwarf stars as the donors of type Ia supernova progenitors, and a radial velocity survey of hot subdwarfs with main sequence companions using the Hobby-Eberly telescope.
Exploratory drilling exploded in the early 1960s, and fourteen platforms were installed between 1964 and 1968 in the icy, tidally turbulent inlet.
Title: Occultation of the T Tauri Star RW Aurigae A by its Tidally Disrupted Disk
Tidally induced pressure changes then force a sediment slurry into empty chambers.
Those that don't spin are said to be tidally locked, with one half in constant darkness.