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In April 2003 the COE replaced the old eastern tide gate with a pair of self-regulating gates allowing a maximum tidal level of 1.
Tenders are invited for Engineering Services for Pipemakers Canal Tide Gate Monitoring System
The project types include (but may not be limited to) culvert replacements/removals, shoreline road modification and fill removal, armoring removal or modification, tide gate removal or modification, and protection areas gathered from existing mapped data and assessment studies.
Phase 1 improvements include a new outfall at the end of Ballf Street, a tide gate at the new outfall, a 42 inch trunk line in Ballf north of Harvard, a 24 inch pipe in Ballf south of Harvard, and improvements on Brown Street.
An additional pump station and tide gate were added in FY 2005-06 when analysis showed
Tenders are invited for emergency repair services and o and m services for the city~s pump stations, tide gates, and water, sewer, drain infrastructure.
Zidar argues that storm drains need tide gates and that the eroded shoreline needs bulkheads and wetland restoration to keep the water at bay.
The District has already spent $140 million to add dams, tide gates and pumping stations that have cut the annual volume of overflow by 40 percent, according to the article.
Solutions to river inflow include installing tide gates on CSO and SSO outfalls, raising the weir elevations at overflow locations, repairing river crossing siphons, detecting and removing groundwater infiltration sources, and installing clay dams in sewer trenches adjacent to streams to prevent groundwater migration.
description: qty- 4: visit each of the 14 pumping stations site (16 pumping systems) four (4) times per year, meet with city staff after each, and provide annual asset condition report; qty- 2: inspect each of the 51 tide gates at low and high tides two (2)times per year, meet with city staff after each inspection, and provide semi annual asset condition report.