tight loop

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tight loop

A loop of code that executes without releasing any resources to other programs or the operating system.

Consider the following pointless BASIC loop that counts upward indefinitely

10 i = i + 1 20 GOTO 10

Run on a single-user system such as MS-DOS this will not cause any problems. Run on a cooperative multitasking operating system such as Windows 3, the system would appear to freeze.

A pre-emptive multitasking operating system such as UNIX or Windows NT would "steal" cycles away from the program and continue to run other programs.

See also busy-wait and multitasking.
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(15) reported prevalence of loose loop and tight loop as 76.07% and 23.93% respectively.
Here, the caster needs to power a tight loop through an upright five-foot diameter iron hoop.
The thriving social scene with its good restaurants and bars is sufficient attraction to a generation of young things, determined to live "within the river" - the tight loop of the Severn which has kept Shrewsbury small - and special.
This year, 1250 photographic entries were received for categories that included animals, plants, underwater subjects, wilderness landscapes, and, for the first time, a section titled 'Our Impact; which includes some disturbing images of human impacts on the environment, such as a seal pup collared by a tight loop of rope.
The line was also wound in a tight loop around his neck.
CONS: Shrewsbury town centre is located in a tight loop of the River Severn, making it almost an island, which can cause problems when flooding occurs - as happened several times recently.
"To connect the ferries to the subway system, the best opportunity exists at the South Ferry Station with the #1 and the #9 lines, which is a very tight loop and doesn't function very well," he says.
These flags may be attached in several ways--glue, staples, or by sewing a tight loop along one edge of the flag, which may be firmly pulled over the ends of the flag shaft exactly 24 inches from an end.
Branches overhang the pool, making it necessary to shoot a low, extended cast with a tight loop. Instead of applying extra force with your rod hand (which usually opens the loop), make a normal tight loop with the rod hand and accelerate the haul with your line hand.
Stevens said of the track's undulations and tight loop turn: "It's certainly the most unusual course I've encountered since I've been riding here as it's very sharp on that turn, but I had no problem with it.
That leaves a sphere with a red outside and a tight loop that must be pulled through itself.
With the shortest of my rods, I can better sidearm a tight loop under the dock.