tight sheeting

closed sheeting, closed sheathing, tight sheeting

closed sheeting
A continuous frame with vertical or horizontal sheathing planks placed side by side to form a continuous retaining wall used to hold up the face of an excavation.
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Specialized methods include deep shaft, horizontal tunneling, jack and bore, directional drilling, Tight sheeting, and pipe bursting.
"Before we arrived at the site, my previous conversations with Price Gregory had us thinking that this job was going to be a multiple bore pit job or a tight sheeting job," said Scott Gross.
"It was decided right away that for Price Gregory to do this job properly, they couldn't do it with tight sheeting, there just wasn't enough vertical clearance to do so."
The Icon Group, a leading underground engineering and distribution company, based in East Brunswick, NJ, designed a tight sheeting 2 Bay slide rail system, 35' long x 20.5' wide x 16"-24' deep, for the project.
The close proximity of some NYCT column footings to the water mains will require special excavation and tight sheeting. The geotechnical features of this area will most likely require rock excavation if encountered.
Just one way: according to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), there was only one approved method for shoring a trench within the right-of-way of an Interstate-driven tight sheeting.
But as most excavation contractors will tell you, tight sheeting a trench is time consuming, costly, requires specialized equipment and often means extended periods of down time for work crews.
"Slide rails have become a very popular alternative to applications that would require tight sheeting and are most effectively used in very encumbered areas where access to all four sides of an excavation is not possible.
Were it not for the slide rail system's ability to enable excavation and spoil removal from the bottom up, there would have been no way to complete the project other than tight sheeting which would have increased costs two to three times.
PRO-TEC's Slide Rail Shoring System is an economical alternative to tight sheeting methods, making it ideal for use in poor soil conditions and where support in deep excavations is needed.
The system also saved time and money since it was less expensive and less labor intensive than tight sheeting. "It's faster and safer than other options and it makes it easier to bid bedding and backfill material since the dimensions of the excavation are constrained to the size of the slide rail dimensions," said Ross.
Projects which were formerly done solely through some form of H-Beam and lagging and/or tight sheeting methodology can now be achieved by utilizing the open track system.