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You want the wheel or base to settle down into position evenly and not be cranked down tight at one spot, which creates stress in the part as you then tighten down the rest.
The governor of the central bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, has said that the central bank would tighten rates in the coming days.
Thermage treatment warms the skin, which absorbs radiofrequency energy to tighten the collagen.
Tighten each nut to one-half of the specified torque.
TITAN FDA-approved skin tightening treatments are safe, non-surgical procedures that tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging.
The authorities' policy of taking small iterative tightening steps also reduces the chance that they will tighten too much.
Now that you understand how to tighten your house and improve your indoor air quality, it's time to get to work
If you have a rubber playground ball, squeeze it between your knees to tighten thighs while you IM your friends.
Mexico's central bank, which had set a target 3 percent rate for inflation in 2004 found the private economists' pessimism a good enough reason to tighten Mexico's interest rates again.
China's government has promised to clamp down, and is moving to tighten monetary policy.
Even with lower exports and flat domestic use in 2002-03, wheat carryover stocks are expected to tighten for the third consecutive year to 550 million bushels or 26 percent of annual use.
Researchers have used a new biodegradable material to make surgical sutures that knot and tighten themselves as they warm to body temperature.