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What does it mean when you dream about a purse?

Carrying a purse in a dream may signify the secret place of important possessions, which are being closely held. Losing the purse might suggest loss of power and control of possessions.

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helsea has been tightening the purse strings at the club for some time and Cole has been on the fringes of the team recently.
And good to see cash-strapped ITV tightening the purse strings for crazy Joe McIntyre's alarmingly cheap-looking Lake District drowning drama.
The area command centres will have to come from savings made by tightening the purse strings and new investment.
Although most people are tightening the purse strings on many items, air travel is not one of them.
Many employees are tightening the purse strings in these difficult financial times, and the temptation to 'massage' the company expense claims to ease the burden may be too enticing for employees who think they might get away with it.