tile field

distribution tile

In a sewage-disposal system, clay or concrete tile pipe, laid with open joints, which carries effluent from a distribution box.
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However, as with last year, when examination results were returned in August, the government had printed the word Islam in tile field indicating the test-taker's religion.
Paul Farrell: I'm not a sanitary engineer, but I've worked alongside them for many years and read a lot in the literature, and from that I'm under the impression that when a tile field clogs, it's almost all right at the liquid-soil interface.
A new tile field, dosing siphon, flow meter, filters and more observation wells have recently been installed.
Q: What has been the actual cost associated with the tile field line cleaning?
* Mark utility easements, septic tanks, tile fields, water well casings and underground piping that needs to be avoided.