tile field

distribution tile

In a sewage-disposal system, clay or concrete tile pipe, laid with open joints, which carries effluent from a distribution box.
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Swimming Pool Tile Field Tiles Equivalent To Jhonson Endura A Dark Blue-50 Sq.
However, as with last year, when examination results were returned in August, the government had printed the word Islam in tile field indicating the test-taker's religion.
Paul Farrell: I'm not a sanitary engineer, but I've worked alongside them for many years and read a lot in the literature, and from that I'm under the impression that when a tile field clogs, it's almost all right at the liquid-soil interface.
A new tile field, dosing siphon, flow meter, filters and more observation wells have recently been installed.
Q: What has been the actual cost associated with the tile field line cleaning?
Mark utility easements, septic tanks, tile fields, water well casings and underground piping that needs to be avoided.