Tile hanging

Tile hanging

Slate or tile shingles that are hung nearly vertically on a wall or roof for weatherproofing.

weather slating, weather tiling

Slate or tile shingles that are hung on the face of a wall to prevent the penetration of rainwater.

weather tiling, tile hanging

Tile which is hung vertically on the face of a wall; usually attached by nailing; provides protection against moisture.
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One tile hanging near the entrance to a chapel, just across from the town's main church and square, carries the title: "The Medicinal Virtues of Vino de Mezcal.
The house dates from 1892, is a classic example of its time with some nice timbered detail and tile hanging to set off the red brick.
Exterior designs are heavily influenced by the prevailing local architecture and feature decorative tile hanging, herringbone brickwork, stone quoins and window dressings and a variety of glazing treatments, ensuring that where appropriate each sensitively complements its surroundings.
Meadow Brook exudes kerb appeal and boasts new homes featuring traditional elevational treatments, including decorative tile hanging, contrasting brick string courses and the use of high performance double glazed casement or sash windows.
A blend of brickwork and render, tile hanging or Tudor boarding on projected gables is used so that each fascia complements yet contrasts with its neighbours.
The elements are all there - and they are what English buyers still love: the mix of brick and timbering, some neat contrasting bays and tile hanging, a hint at the past in the window stonework and the nicest chimney treatment.
Both the houses and apartment buildings echo the traditional architecture of the area, Victorian inspired with some decorative timbering detail and tile hanging.
The house is built to traditional lines with a nice series of varying roof heights, hips and gables, set off with contrast tiling, tile hanging, multipaned windows and attractive chimney stacks.
Its mainly red brick elevations are relieved with timbering detail, some painted render and decorative tile hanging as well as balconies for some of the apartments.
Among The Gables first releases is Mulberry House, a double-gabled design with tile hanging detail, priced at pounds 675,000.
Sandstone from the local quarry at Finstall was sourced and dressed for new facings, stone mullioned windows were introduced as was decorative tile hanging.
Early buyers can size up the Ragley and the Burford at The Oaks, each of them traditionally-inspired family properties with black and white detailing and a mixture of render, tile hanging and pale brick.