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see driftdrift,
deposit of mixed clay, gravel, sand, and boulders transported and laid down by glaciers. Stratified, or glaciofluvial, drift is carried by waters flowing from the melting ice of a glacier.
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a specially equipped place designed for receipt, payment, and safe storage of cash and other valuables.


Unsorted and unstratified drift consisting of a heterogeneous mixture of clay, sand, gravel, and boulders which is deposited by and underneath a glacier. Also known as boulder clay; glacial till; ice-laid drift.

till, glacial till, boulder clay

An unstratified glacial deposit which consists of pockets of clay, gravel, sand, silt, and boulders; has not been subject to the sorting action of water; usually has good load-sustaining properties.


a box, case, or drawer into which the money taken from customers is put, now usually part of a cash register


an unstratified glacial deposit consisting of rock fragments of various sizes. The most common is boulder clay
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The relative levels of the differences are likely to be a function of the fact that reported county land value data is most specific for North Dakota (where cropland, pastureland, and hayland values are reported) followed by South Dakota (where cropland and pastureland values are reported), and then Minnesota (where only tillable cropland values are reported).
At stake across the county are 113,000 acres of tillable farmland and some 404,000 acres of open space.
As the enemy threat to the Hopis was diminished, many tillable lands lying outside of clan lands were cultivated by individuals or family groups without regard to conventional clan assignments.
If you are tillable to do so, we hope that you will contribute $50,000, $25,000 or some other appropriate sum.
More than 4,000 acres lie south of the firing line in the cantonment area, including 2,000 acres of tillable farm land, 20 miles of road, a water tower, a 5,000-foot airstrip and hangar, sewer system, utilities and several buildings.
In additional to its park components, one of the initial design concepts would have reverted tillable elements of the property into a 19th Century "working farm.
Even if we have to spend a dozen oxen to make this land tillable, this is where we are staying," they replied.
Take, for example, Cindy and Andy Domenigoni, Sacramento farmers who have lost $75,000 of their annual gross income since 1990 because of ESA prohibitions against farming 370 of their 720 tillable acres.
At least in Wichita County, most tillable land has been converted to cropland (mostly wheat).
Drought and the resulting need for more tillable land may put additional pressure on animal habitats.
Ser Vaas: I just came back from Ethiopia and was disappointed to see they grow tobacco in Ethiopia on the tillable land where it does rain.
17 irrigated quarters (2,720 acres) of tillable cropland with a history for producing high corn and alfalfa yields.