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see driftdrift,
deposit of mixed clay, gravel, sand, and boulders transported and laid down by glaciers. Stratified, or glaciofluvial, drift is carried by waters flowing from the melting ice of a glacier.
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a specially equipped place designed for receipt, payment, and safe storage of cash and other valuables.


Unsorted and unstratified drift consisting of a heterogeneous mixture of clay, sand, gravel, and boulders which is deposited by and underneath a glacier. Also known as boulder clay; glacial till; ice-laid drift.

till, glacial till, boulder clay

An unstratified glacial deposit which consists of pockets of clay, gravel, sand, silt, and boulders; has not been subject to the sorting action of water; usually has good load-sustaining properties.


a box, case, or drawer into which the money taken from customers is put, now usually part of a cash register


an unstratified glacial deposit consisting of rock fragments of various sizes. The most common is boulder clay
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However, the no-till treatment showed total mass reductions of 94% and 91%, compared to tilled for cyanazine and atrazine, respectively, despite a 3- to 5-fold difference in concentrations.
Mass loss increases from no-till of 100% and 220%, compared to tilled, occurred in Nebraska.
For a single storm event, no-till showed an increase in runoff mass, but over the course of a number of storm events no-till showed a reduction compared to tilled.
Measurable runoff from no-till plots in Missouri did not occur until 84 days after the herbicide application, whereas for tilled treatments it occurred 39 days after the application.